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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is the Abington Adult School office?
A: located in 106B in the Senior High School across the hall from the library.

Q: What is the actual address of the School where I’ll be attending class?
A: Entire Abington High School .campus is located at 970 Highland (NOT FOR MAIL) Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Jr High located right off of Susquehanna Avenue and Sr High is located up the hill off of Highland Avenue. (please refer to our ‘directions’ page)

* Mailing address: P.O. Box 45, Abington, PA 19001

Q: Can I drop off my registration at your office?
A: Yes. Our typical office hours are 8:30am to 12:30pm M – F but you can always drop off your registration with the Receptionist in the Senior High School office between 8:00am and 4:30 pm.

Q: How do I get there?
A: Go to our Directions page.

Q: Can I register over the phone or on the internet?
A: You can register on the Internet through our website with a credit card or direct cash payment by PayPal. We do not accept regisrations over the phone. If you don't register online, so you must mail in your registration to Abington Adult School, PO Box 45, Abington, PA 19001.

Q: If I don’t get a brochure but would like to register for a class. what shall I do?
A: Visit our website (www.abingtonadultSchool.org), print out a registration form, complete it and mail it with your payment to Abington Adult School, PO Box 45, Abington, PA 19001. For a short time after brochures are mailed, brochures can usually be found at several other local libraries and post offices:

Q: I have a class in the Junior High. What door should I enter?
A: For any of the exercise, sports & dance classes, enter the doors by the gym area (down the steps) by the parking area in back of the Junior High.

For any of the computer classes, you must enter the school door behind the Junior High School Offices. Go along the Walkway on the left side of the wing and enter the school door in the back of the wing. You CANNOT go through the 3 glass doors of the Offices. They are locked.

During The first week of class, authorized personnel will be on duty to direct you to your class.

Q: I have a class at the Senior High. What door should I enter?
A: For the purpose of security, you must enter the (blue) auditorium doors located right beside the main office entrance (by the big flag-pole) or the double doors by the gym. You may exit any door.

Q: I have a question about a course I wish to take. May I call the instructor
A: You may call our office (215-884-4967) and leave your name, phone number and question you wish answered. We will contact the instructor and get back to you. At that time, if the instructor wishes to contact you personally, it’s up to him/her.

Q: What if there is bad weather?
A: School closing announcements are made on KYW (am 1060, or www.kyw1060.com) starting at 6:30am. Abington School number is 301.

If #301 School’s are closed in the daytime, the Adult School will also be closed that same night.
If School’s in #301 close early, the Adult School will also be closed that same night.
If School’s in #301 dismiss at normal time but weather, or pending weather is inclement, please listen for the Adult School closing number 2438.
If it’s after 4:00pm and you’re just not sure, call our office (215-884-4967) and listen for instructions on our message.

Q: The weather is bad but the School is open. I don’t feel I should attempt the travel. Will I get a make-up class?
A: No. Each student assumes all responsibility for any inability to attend his/her class. Make-up classes are only added if the school is closed or teacher cannot be there.

Q: The weather is bad but the School is open. How can I be sure the teacher will be there?
A: If the teacher cancels his/her class due to weather, not only will that teacher call each of his/her students (as early in the day as possible) notifying them of the change. There will be a make-up class at the end of the semester.

Q: What if there is a School emergency?
A: School closing announcements are made on KYW (am 1060, or www.kyw1060.com) starting at 6:30am. Abington School number is 301.

Q: I wish to take a course but due to my work/personal obligations I will not be able to attend all the classes. Can I take the rest of the same class next semester?
A: No

Q: What kind of shoes should I wear to my dance class?
A: It’s up to you, but no hard soled shoes, no boots, no heels.

Q: I don’t like my teacher. Can I get a refund?
A: No.

Q: I’ve tried my class but I don’t like it as I thought I would. Can I get a refund?
A: No.

Q: When does the Abington Adult School offer refunds?
REFUNDS will ONLY BE issued 72 HOURS BEFORE A CLASS BEGINS or for a class that has been cancelled by ATAS.

Unfortunately, ATAS cannot issue credits or refunds because of changes in a student’s personal affairs or health.

Q: I want a particular course but will miss the first night. Should I still take it?
A: It depends. If the course runs for 8 or 10 weeks, the percentage you would miss that one night would be less significant so we recommend you take it. Keep in mind you will not receive lenience on class fee (students assumes all responsibility for inability to attend his/her class). Make sure to ask the teacher for any handout you may have missed.

If the class is 5 weeks or under, the percentage you would miss in one night would be more critical and we recommend that you call us and ask us to inquire as to what the instructor would think.

Q: I called the Abington Adult School office and left a message but no one returned my call.
A:Sometimes when calls are initiated from a cell phone, the clarity of the message is unclear and we don’t always get a clear message.
There are times we just cannot understand the message.
Some people forget to leave their phone number.
To avoid these problems, please speak SLOWLY and CLEARLY, especially your phone number.

Q: I’ve registered for a class but how will I know where my classroom is the first night?
A: There will be a couple authorized personnel to guide you for the first week of your class.

Q: Can I enroll my son/daughter in a course?
A: Abington Adult School is open to anyone 18 years or older.

Q: The course I wish to take offers a textbook for an additional fee. Do I include this with my registration fee?
A: No! Unless otherwise noted, textbook fee goes to the instructor first night of class. (Exceptions are the Christmas craft classes.) Please read each class description carefully.

Q: I wish to register for a class. Should I wait until in-house registration to sign up?
A: No. Early registrations are strongly recommended as many classes fill up quickly or are cancelled due to lack of interest.

Q: Where do I go for in-house registration?
A: Senior High School, Cafeteria A at 7:30-9:00pm on a Tuesday and Wednesday night, usually about 2 weeks prior to the start of the Adult School semester. See the home page for the dates.

Q: Is Open House free?
A: Yes.

Q: May I bring anyone I wish to Open House?
A: Yes.

Q: I am registered for a class. How do I know if School is open or closed on a specific holiday?
A:Please carefully check the School closed dates for the School your class is scheduled for. They are listed on the Home page of the website and in the brochure.

Q: I would like to teach a course at the Abington Adult School. What do I do?
A: We welcome new ideas! Cut off for Fall semester is May. Cut off for Winter/Spring semester is October. Send your information to Helen Super, Director, Abington Adult School, PO Box 45, Abington, PA 19001.

Q: I am a senior citizen. Do I get a discount?
A: Any person age 65 or older receives a $5.00 discount on courses with tuition fee over $35.00.

Q: I wish to take a course but don’t have the money. Do you offer financial aid?
A: No, not at this time.

Q: I mailed my registration. Why didn’t anyone call to confirm it was received?
A: We do not call and confirm receipt of registrations. Students will be notified ONLY if the class he/she has registered for has been filled or cancelled.

Q: I couldn’t find a parking space last night and I was late to my class. What can I do about this?
A: While we do apologize for this inconvenience. The High Schools host many functions and activities at times. Best suggestion is to come early.

Q: May I send money now for next semester?
A: As soon as the next semester's classes are posted on the web site, or you obtain a brochure, you may send in your registration and money.

Q: I wish to register for a course but I donít live in Abington Township. Is there an extra fee?
A: No extra fee.

Q. I only want to take part of a class, can I get a reduced fee?
A. No. Students cannot register for just a part of a class - NO EXCEPTIONS



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